Plant-based Answers to a GROWING Trend 

Demand is growing for plant-based foods that don’t compromise on taste.

Check out these amazing vegan alternatives from our friends at Beyond Meat and JUST Egg!

– Ask for samples with your next order! –

– Beyond Burgers –
Plant-based burgers that look, cook, and satisfy like beef.


Vegans, as well as people cutting back on meat consumption, are going crazy for these delicious plant-based burgers, made directly from simple, plant-based ingredients. Beyond Meat is creating one savory solution to four hot topic issues attributed to livestock production: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare.

– JUST Egg –
Made from plants (not chickens)

Fluffy and filling, JUST Egg scrambles and tastes like eggs. Great for French toast, but also delicious in fried rice.

Made with mung beans, which gel perfectly when cooked to give that egg-like consistency, and with turmeric for a natural golden color.

Egg-free, Non-GMO, Cholesterol-free, Dairy-free, 5g of protein/serving.