Cadence Cold Brew Nitro-Infused Coffee



The flavors make it feel indulgent, but Cadence Cold Brew — made simply from high-quality coffee and water — is a zero-additive, low calorie, naturally decadent pick-me-up. Cold brewed from some of the world’s finest beans and infused with nitro for a smooth finish. No guilt. Just pleasure.

Cadence Cold Brew Coffee
– Single Origin Ethiopian
– Organic South American Blend

Also available with CBD!

Cadence Cold Brew with CBD
– South American Blend

Cadence Cold Brew is also available in kegs! Save up to $.84 per serving and keep foot traffic moving by offering your customers fresh, velvety Cold Brew from the tap.

61-11oz servings per 676 oz keg (5 gallon Sankey)*

Keg – Cadence Cold Brew Coffee
Keg – Cadence Cold Brew with CBD






*Note: Cadence Cold Brew kegs require the use of a kegerator or draft system with a 100% nitro tap and a stout faucet. Cadence Cold Brew and Natural Direct are not responsible for the purchase, installation or maintenance of these systems.