Open Water

Truly sustainable bottled waters from a local, women-owned, carbon neutral company

Open Water is ultra-purified, then packed with electrolytes for a super crisp, smooth taste. Open Water is as fresh and pure as it gets, but more importantly, it’s packed in a 100% recyclable, refillable, carbon neutral aluminum bottle that keeps plastic out of our oceans.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum recycling is a true closed loop. That means that the material from one bottle can go right back into making another identical bottle, which doesn’t happen with plastic and cartons. It’s 100% recyclable, which means it doesn’t lose any integrity or quality in the process.

• Better than plastic! Most recycled packaging in the world
• Reclosable, refillable bottle with a twist-top aluminum cap
• Certified Carbon-Neutral
• Lightweight like plastic, won’t shatter like glass
• Premium look and feel