You love Oatly? We’ve got great news! 

  - Now you can get LOTS of Oatly Drink varieties! -  Oatly Original - chilled Oatly Chocolate- chilled Oatly Lowfat- chilled Oatly Full Fat- chilled Single Serve Oatly Original Single Serve Oatly Chocolate All Oatly drinks are made fresh from 100% gluten-free oats and enriched with calcium. They have amazing beta-glucans (big, scientific word for soluble fiber from oats),… [...]

Great Lakes presents… PURPLE potato chips!

  💜⭐ Yes, PURPLE chips! No kidding!⭐💜 Great Lakes Potato Chip Co is celebrating their 10th anniversary with Blackberry! This special purple chipping potato is high in antioxidants, has a great flavor and is the coolest color you've ever seen in a chip. Crafted with love in the same process as their Original Potato Chips, you'll love… [...]

❄ Eggnog season is here!

- Creamy, Sweet Holiday Eggnog - Nothing welcomes in the holiday season like a glass of eggnog by a warm fire. Kilgus eggnog is thick, sweet, creamy and smooth, with the perfect flavor. Enjoy it cold, on ice, with a cinnamon stick, spiked....whatever brings on the Christmas cheer! Kilgus Farmstead Eggnog - Half Gallons -… [...]

Free-Range Eggs Now in Dozen and Half Dozen Cartons

Free-Range Brown Grade A Large Eggs Certified Humane, Certified Delicious!  🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 An open door policy! Oh, how these hens love to be able to move between indoors and outdoors. Exercise. Hens may be chickens: flap their wings, fly to perches, and stretch their leg muscles whenever they want. Eat a healthy and wholesome diet. Free-Range hens… [...]

Plant-based Answers to a GROWING Trend 

Demand is growing for plant-based foods that don't compromise on taste. Check out these amazing vegan alternatives from our friends at Beyond Meat and JUST Egg! - Ask for samples with your next order! - - Beyond Burgers - Plant-based burgers that look, cook, and satisfy like beef. NO GMOS, SOY, OR GLUTEN. Vegans, as… [...]

MUSH Overnight Oats

BREAKFAST  SNACK  PRE + POST WORKOUT  DESSERT Unlike traditional oatmeal, MUSH Overnight Oats are cold-soaked in dairy-free mylk and never heated. By keeping the ingredients cool, they don't cook off valuable nutrients. The resulting product is pudding-like in texture, decadent in flavor, and always fresh. Available in these amazing flavors - each made with 7 ingredients or less!… [...]

Pasture-Grazed Butter

Mountain View Imported Butter The Grass-Fed Difference Grass-fed butter offers unique characteristics in color, flavor and odor, and composition in comparison to conventional butter. Butter from pasture-fed cows has increased levels of Beta-carotene, which is what gives grass-fed butter a distinct golden coloring. Pasture-Grazed, Fresh Cream The cream used for Mountain View butter is produced by family farms… [...]

Classic Glass Bottles for a Refreshingly Cool Summer 

Topo Chico Mineral Water Topo Chico sparkling mineral water - sourced and bottled in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895. Extra sparkling, slightly salty, with a retro feel. Original Mineral Water Twist of Lime Twist of Grapefruit Coca-Cola de Mexico Mexican Coke - made with cane sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup. Refreshment in a nostalgic, contoured glass bottle [...]

Cadence Cold Brew Nitro-Infused Coffee

COLD AND BOLD   The flavors make it feel indulgent, but Cadence Cold Brew — made simply from high-quality coffee and water — is a zero-additive, low calorie, naturally decadent pick-me-up. Cold brewed from some of the world’s finest beans and infused with nitro for a smooth finish. No guilt. Just pleasure. Cadence Cold Brew… [...]

Pickled Jalapeño Kettle Cooked Potato Chips!

The newest flavor is a real hit! Great Lakes balances the heat of the jalapeño with the forward flavors of vinegar and herbs. Not too spicy – just hot enough to keep your customers coming back for more! Pickled Jalapeño Potato Chips are a perfect partner for sandwiches. No dairy, no gluten and no artificial… [...]