Great Lakes presents… PURPLE potato chips!

  💜⭐ Yes, PURPLE chips! No kidding!⭐💜 Great Lakes Potato Chip Co is celebrating their 10th anniversary with Blackberry! This special purple chipping potato is high in antioxidants, has a great flavor and is the coolest color you've ever seen in a chip. Crafted with love in the same process as their Original Potato Chips, you'll love… [...]

❄ Eggnog season is here!

- Creamy, Sweet Holiday Eggnog - Nothing welcomes in the holiday season like a glass of eggnog by a warm fire. Kilgus eggnog is thick, sweet, creamy and smooth, with the perfect flavor. Enjoy it cold, on ice, with a cinnamon stick, spiked....whatever brings on the Christmas cheer! Kilgus Farmstead Eggnog - Half Gallons -… [...]

Free-Range Eggs Now in Dozen and Half Dozen Cartons

Free-Range Brown Grade A Large Eggs Certified Humane, Certified Delicious!  đŸ„šđŸ„šđŸ„šđŸ„šđŸ„šđŸ„š An open door policy! Oh, how these hens love to be able to move between indoors and outdoors. Exercise. Hens may be chickens: flap their wings, fly to perches, and stretch their leg muscles whenever they want. Eat a healthy and wholesome diet. Free-Range hens… [...]

MUSH Overnight Oats

BREAKFAST  SNACK  PRE + POST WORKOUT  DESSERT Unlike traditional oatmeal, MUSH Overnight Oats are cold-soaked in dairy-free mylk and never heated. By keeping the ingredients cool, they don't cook off valuable nutrients. The resulting product is pudding-like in texture, decadent in flavor, and always fresh. Available in these amazing flavors - each made with 7 ingredients or less!… [...]

Pasture-Grazed Butter

Mountain View Imported Butter The Grass-Fed Difference Grass-fed butter offers unique characteristics in color, flavor and odor, and composition in comparison to conventional butter. Butter from pasture-fed cows has increased levels of Beta-carotene, which is what gives grass-fed butter a distinct golden coloring. Pasture-Grazed, Fresh Cream The cream used for Mountain View butter is produced by family farms… [...]

Cadence Cold Brew Nitro-Infused Coffee

COLD AND BOLD   The flavors make it feel indulgent, but Cadence Cold Brew — made simply from high-quality coffee and water — is a zero-additive, low calorie, naturally decadent pick-me-up. Cold brewed from some of the world’s finest beans and infused with nitro for a smooth finish. No guilt. Just pleasure. Cadence Cold Brew… [...]

Pickled Jalapeño Kettle Cooked Potato Chips!

The newest flavor is a real hit! Great Lakes balances the heat of the jalapeño with the forward flavors of vinegar and herbs. Not too spicy – just hot enough to keep your customers coming back for more! Pickled Jalapeño Potato Chips are a perfect partner for sandwiches. No dairy, no gluten and no artificial… [...]

Organic Valley Whole Milk – now in gallons

Sweet, creamy and nutritious. Not ultra-pasteurized. Organic Valley milk is always produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs. OV cows spend their days grazing in green pastures, which helps them produce milk with more omega-3s and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than conventional milk. Want more info? See the Organic Valley website. [...]