Superior Water

Feel good from the inside out!

Introducing Superior Mineral Water, sourced from a Northern Lake Superior aquifer in the Ottawa National Forest, and bottled in it’s authentic state in Marenisco, Michigan. Superior Water is the only natural mineral water bottled at the source within the U.S. Derived from a pristine underground source, it’s not modified or treated, just naturally clean and refreshing.

  • Sustainable – from one of the largest fresh-water aquifers in the Upper Midwest
  • Clean – a decades long process of purification occurs as water enters and flows through the aquifer
  • Nutrient-rich – balanced pH, natural source of many nutrients, electrolytes and minerals for healthy hydration and superior performance

Superior Mineral Water is unusually high in natural mineral content, offering more than hydration. It’s the ideal choice for the consumer who seeks the benefits of bioavailable minerals and natural hydration.